Cricket | ingeNUity '18: "Upside Down" | 23rd-25th March, 2018 | NIIT University


Details and Instructions
  • There are 8 teams in competition which are divided into 2 pools A and B consisting of 4 teams each.
  • Each team plays 3 matches against other teams of same pool. Top 2 teams of each pool qualify for semifinals thereafter knockout stage starts.
  • In group stage 3 points will be awarded for winning match and in case match is abandoned, 1 point will be given to both the teams.

  • Note
  • Powerplay in first 6 overs: only maximum of 2 fielders can be outside the 30-yard inner circle and maximum 5 fielders thereafter and maximum 5 fielders on leg side.
  • Each bowler can bowl maximum 4 overs
  • Free hit will be awarded to batting team of any kind of no-ball.
  • One short pitched ball (shoulders) is allowed per over.
  • Each match will be played on a (hard surface) Nylon-Green Mat Pitch.

  • Some Important Points
  • Since matches will be played by HARD-TENNIS-BALL every team has to be in colored jerseys(DARK PREFERRED).
  • Time limit for completion of 15 overs will be 75 minutes thereafter 6 runs of penalty will be awarded to batting team per over.
  • Teams should reach 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the match.
  • In match umpire's and match match referee's decision has to final.
    In case of a tie:
  • If match between two teams results in a tie either in group stage or knockout stage result will be decided by super over as per ICC rules those of which are:
  • Team batting second bats first and is bowled 1 over in which they can afford 2 wickets.
  • Team batting first then have to chase down the score created by other team in 1 over without losing 2 wickets.
  • In case super over also results in a tie or any other unavoidable situation team with more number of boundaries in their innings and super over combined will be declared winner.
  • *Apart from all this teams are requested to be disciplined and coordinate with the organizing team as well as match officials. Teams should accept the official's decision. In case of any other discrepancy decision of organizing team will be considered final.
  • Registration: 3k per team.
  • Date: 8th March,2019

Event Coordinators



Hradyansh Parashar: (+91-7425893858)
Rushik: (+91-9550492584)